October Swap Meet

New members welcome

2017 has already seen a number of new members join us at UMAC. We hope they have been made to feel welcome, and that they are enjoying their time at the club. It is always good to see new faces, we are keen to increase our membership and we are always interested to meet others with a shared interest in R/C flight. If you are interested in joining UMAC or just want to come call along for a look, then check out our contacts section where you will find details for the club secretary or send us a message on Facebook. We hope to see you soon...

About UMAC

The Ulster Model Aircraft Club has been an active focus of building and flying model aircraft in Northern Ireland since its foundation in 1936. There was a short break in continuity in the last years of World War 2 but by 1950 many of the original members had re-established the club under a revised constitution adapted to the safe flying of R/C power models. Since then the club has maintained a core membership of around 70 members, some have played a major part in extending the sport across Ireland